Saturday, November 6, 2010

Youth of Kashmir play their role and remind Obama of Kashmir

It was wonderful reading about the work of Kashmir Children Assembly (KCA) just before President Barrack Obama’s visit to India. Hundreds of young children paraded with banners and placards and addressed the press to raise voice and concerns against repression in Indian held Kashmir. Calling on the President to intervene in Kashmir to bring an end to reign of terror as the reason of 10,000 people missing expected to be killed by the Indian troops and 2,700 unmarked graves in three towns was enough a reason for intervention and the need to secure the future of the Kashmiri Children. The children who started their parade from a graveyard laid floral wreaths at the mausoleums of the freedom movement pioneers and flowers petals on the graves of the martyrs.

It was great to see children of Kashmir aware and worried over the plight of their state and actually making an effort to voice themselves. The power of youth was relived in the efforts made by KCA as they proved that the state of affairs is a matter of grave concern as youth being the future of the state is bound to get affected by these circumstances. I really hope their efforts bear fruits and their goals strengthened to securing a safer and better future for themselves, which is their right.

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