Saturday, November 13, 2010

Another Girls School Burned down in Afghanistan, Several Qurans burned

Education is the right of every girl and everyone on this Earth. The right however has been long denied by several societies in time to girls as females have been victim to injustice, inequality and discrimination since ages. The trend still lives on and the reflection of the miseries of women reflected nowadays with not just violence towards women but also denying education to them. Parents in many cultures and societies fail to understand the value of education and it's dire importance for a girl and hence, ignore and are unwilling towards sending them to schools. Those who do however have got reluctant with yet another of bombing of girls school especially in Afghanistan.

Several girls schools has met the same fate of being blown off and depriving it's student from the gift of knowledge. The frequency of such incidents is also heart breaking. The strong resistance by the Taliban towards female rights and threat to education is an injustice that largely affects the world. The Taliban claim highly for orthodox Islamic rule however, Islam gives immense respect to women, high importance towards education and strict discipline towards justice in society.

Taliban are far from knowing and practicing Islam. They breed a battle ground and promote hatred. It is a huge injustice to impose self-opinion and create fear in the minds of these young girls who have a heart and great hopes towards attending school and getting education. Its their right! These claims towards Islam made by Taliban are a disgrace now as they have created and promoted an extremely negative image in the world of Islam, a religion that preaches peace and brotherhood. The burning down of several copies of the Holy Quran present in the libraries of these Afghan schools is yet another sin arousing agony among the people.

May Almighty Allah free the world from the plague of Taliban and protect us all from their ill intentions!

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