Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Insecurity in the lives of women: Bangladesh a recent example

Students of colleges and universities in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka took the streets to protest the practice of ‘Eve-teasing’ that involves sexual harassment towards women with the use of verbal abuse, taunts and stalkers. The practice is wide spread in Bangladesh and the protests were for better security of women by the government as the practice has led to women being bullied, committing suicides due to the frustration and embarrassment or being murdered due to raising voice against the injustice. The ones who harass them are usually men on the street or their own school colleagues. The accused often go unpunished because parents do not want to pursue the case due to the prevailing social stigmas and harm to the honour of the girl. Without better legislation surely the menace cannot be curbed.

Women to this day suffer being victims to violence in all broad forms. This example illustrates just how hard the life of women can be that they aren’t even able to study without being wrongly targeted. The harm of insults is surely tremendous as women chose to commit suicide and end their lives rather than live with them. The society too makes it hard for them to become bold and raise voice against them due to traditions, culture, stigmas and of course the inability of providing them justice through properly enforced law in society. Young women when faced with such violating incidents in their lives if do not commit suicide suffer from frustration, insecurity, low self-esteem and lack of confidence. In the starting phases of development if circumstances fail to give them a chance to grow the way they want it would leave a mark on them which may never be cured and in the long run would make resources for the country in terms of educated, motivated and skilled people at a loss. The story depicts the cruel side of society and a picture reinforcing the centuries of violence and inequality towards women. It however is inspiring that youth, colleges and universities girl students have took up the initiative, gathered the will and boldly accomplished a protest to raise alarm to the situation in a society where raising voices for this practice has led to 24 death in this year.

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