Saturday, November 13, 2010

China catches the cricket bug !

The Chinese have finally discovered cricket! 

Cricket was never known to Chinese. They did not grow up watching or playing it. However, the sport has now gained momentum in the country. Students gather everyday after university classes at different fields such as football pitch, volleyball pitch, etc to practice cricket. And, are liking the sport too!

The sport is surely new to the Chinese but they are pretty determined and focused on their efforts towards it. Having targets set already for not just playing but winning from major cricketing nations. Observers say that when China chooses to develop a sport it always gets result. The question of gathering talent and developing on it for the sport to achieve the set targets is however a story time has to tell. The Chinese students portray impressive enthusiasm for the sport and I really look forward to seeing the Chinese cricket team compete with the world in the coming time.

For the world, look out! A competitor is about to set foot in the cricket fields and may steal the show with its new-found cricket craze

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