Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lasbela Land sold to Arabs for hunting: A state attack on Pakistan’s sovereignty

It is known that Arabs come each year to Pakistan for hunting purposes. This interest of theirs is not much publicized to be known to all or the timings of the visit or duration known but it has been going on since long now. The practice has no doubt issues to it as going to another country for hunting down its birds and animals, a cruel practice indeed just for fun is surely unethical and infuriating. It has however been allowed to remain and flourish just because of the revenue the government earns out of it.

Attacks on Pakistan’s sovereignty have been immense but this is also a concern arousing issue. The sale of land and assets of Pakistan and its people so easily to foreign nationals is an unappreciated action and a huge issue. When Pakistan’s assets should be its power and Pakistani efforts should be towards progress and development through building upon its resources, our government has made an extremely wrong measure towards damaging Pakistani sovereignty and hurting its people’s sentiments. 

This time about 70,000 hectares of land in the coastal district of Lasbela is sold to Arab princes for hunting. Earlier Gwadar Port was given to Singapore Port Authority and Reko Diq gold and copper project to foreign companies. This is a huge injustice to the people of Balochistan and largely an adverse decision towards Pakistan. The government may lack funds and technology to develop the country resources but selling it to foreigners for their pleasure or to exploit and benefit from the resources of our country is a decision that isn't in anyway in the interest of Pakistan. When the province of Balochistan is largely ignored for a long time, efforts should be concentrated towards means to curb such feelings and unite Pakistan towards progress and development rather than take such decisions and add to the misery.

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