Monday, November 1, 2010

Exhuming of Ahmadi's body from the graveyard in Bhalwal

The body of Shehzad Waraich had to be exhumed from the graveyard of Bhalwal, a small town with the population of few thousand people in Punjab’s Sargodha district on the pretext of being objected for burial in a Muslim graveyard. Ahmadis by Pakistani law are barred from calling themselves Muslims and form a minority in Pakistan. This case is another injustice to minority rights and indifferent treatment towards minorities living in Pakistan. The graveyard Shehzad was buried in is home to bodies of several members of his family including his parents and grandparents whose burial wasn’t objected to but the Pakistani police forced the exhumation of Shehzad’s body. Since 1984, this is the 30th incident of forceful exhumation of Ahmadi bodies by the administration to satisfy opponent components and with the convenient argument of trying to maintain peace.

The Ahmadis may have controversies with the Muslim majority on the basis of their beliefs but this by no means allows humiliation of their dead bodies. Such an act nobody can tolerate happening to their loved ones therefore the sentiments of all minorities should be considered on the basis of humanity. Such acts would only promote hatred and intolerance in society. Minorities too have rights and are equal residents of the Pakistani state. People are even hesitant to comment or say what is right on such a issue but the basics shouldn’t be forgotten. Muslims are a minority in many states too and a broader thinking of humanity should be considered with law protecting all citizens of the state. Such actions only add further harm to the state and religion’s image to the world and would by no chance do any good to anyone in the long run.

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