Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Leaves for survival

It was surprising to learn that flood affected people of Bhakkar had to eat leaves for survival as they took to trees to save themselves and their families from the flash floods that hit their village. After two days, only when the water receded they could climb down from the trees where they had stayed on a charpoy. The agony of these days that brought so much misery to the family is a tough thing to imagine as well. These peoples lost all they had, torrents forced them out of their homes, the crops on their lands got submerged in water, their cattle got carried away with the torrents and now they are facing hard to even find food to feed on. The 1,000 people in this clan had only received some food through the army helicopters so far and were excited at the very sound of a vehicle thinking it would have brought food for them. The floods also have affected the road route to reach these people.

It is tragic when countless such stories emerge and would emerge due to the drastic floods of 2010 in Pakistan whose destruction and impact is making history. Several families would be affected because of these floods and a huge increase would occur in poverty, hunger and diseases hence, resulting in an increase in death rates. It is the need of the hour that people of Pakistan unite to help their fellow brothers and sisters in this hard time to help Pakistan cope the social and economic loss suffered because of the floods. The loss of cattle and food crops would surely lead to food shortages and inflation in the coming time. May Allah bless Pakistan!

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