Tuesday, August 24, 2010

DR Congo: Rape Captial of the World

Thousands of Women are raped each year in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the UN says.

The United Nations is currently investigating claims that rebel fighters raped more than 150 women and baby boys over four days within miles of a UN base in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The country's eastern region is a volatile one as rebels take refuge there. Even after the end of the five year war in 2003, the country is plagued by army and militia violence. This is another grave example of the level of sexual violence and insecurity in Congo. More than 8,000 women were raped during the fighting in 2009.
Even though they are being receiving medical and psychological care, nothing can heal the devastating effect on the lives of these women. DR Congo has a shocking reputation for sexual violence and even though UN is putting in efforts to work for making life better in Congo, it's people are largely suffering. The International Medical Corps (IMC) knew that the rebels were present in those towns but couldn't enter till the rebels had left shows the helplessness portrayed to 'help' the people. Knowing mass violations are being conducted, stricter measures need to be taken seriously to bring about change and security in the lives of the people.
It's extremely tragic every time it is always the women suffering so much.

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