Monday, May 23, 2011

Pakistan (Land of Pure), land most in need to respect Individuality & let justice previal

The history and time of the country I am born in has always been conflicting and contradicting. A country tore apart from a powerful and rich area, the Indian subcontinent. This land of pure was always plagued under the greed for power and control. Politics here was hence always a dirty game.

From getting control from the Indian Hindus, to getting a Pakistan for the Muslims with loss of several innocent lives and avoidable bloodshed, this new country was born with bloodshed and religion possessiveness. The reasons for separation was merely not being able to anymore co-exist with the same people we had for years just because they were different, of a different religion. But it wasn’t far enough that history proved that the differences were with people of the same religion too, Muslims living in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh.

Pakistan has now become a vulnerably used state. Anyone and everyone can freely avail it to their advantage; all you need is money and perhaps a bit of contacts and speaking. Among the existing hopelessness in the country due to being torn down by countless problems, there still rare patriotism among people. The same reason that bring in this hope, happiness and unity i.e. cricket can be a killed hope for these people, as the increasing scandals with our cricketers and match-fixing.

West Pakistan becoming Pakistan still didn’t see the end of its trouble. The country to date is highly divided with differences, now on ethnic grounds and a new wave of extremism, intolerance and terrorism in the name of religion. Ethnic differences are again controversial to many as they say these nationalities and their identities. But, the division in this identity and pride is also clearly distinct from unity under the hood of being a nation of diverse people. If a party has a Pashtun leader it’s a party of the Pathans, if it has a Punjabi leader it’s a party of the Punjabis and so on. The trend has lasted from the birth of the state and that has several reasons to it. The problem is a hard nut to crack as even after 60 years of existence of the country.

Every individual is different, unique and special. God’s creation is not worthless. Every human understands the language of love and desires peace. And the best peace for Pakistanis, is protection through Justice. Every party talks about things that have never pleased me and so I left following news even though I want to specialize in International Relations because for me, no one was speaking something most important and beneficial to all. The key to peace is respecting individuality, every individual is different and it’s a diverse world out there. Everyone is a struggler and a survivor, when you respect people as they are, differences are respected and diversity can co-exist to bring together unity, humanity and a much peaceful world (with time hopefully).

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